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Throughout October Aircare commenced with the replacement of the HVAC systems in our offices using Panasonic hyper energy efficient heat pump systems incorporating the Nanoex™ corona virus inhibiting system.

Panasonic has been developing this Nanoex™ airborne virus elimination system over the past several years, and over the past several months they intensified their development for the corona / covid virus.  Panasonic equipment was independently tested and certified during July this year and achieved a 99.7% to 99.9% Inhibition rate for SARS-CoV2 Virus – for the Panasonic press release 31st July 2020 please click here.

Over the past two months Aircare have installed Panasonic Nanoex™ systems for various clients and have received initial positive feedback.  The Nanoex™ system is now available on most Panasonic residential, commercial and light industrial equipment including hi-walls, cassettes, consoles, ducted units and under ceiling units.

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Aircare has been providing sponsorship to the BDS Race Team for the national championship 2020 season and given the current pandemic this season has been very successful so far.

BDS is a local specialist motorcycle and racing motorcycle builder, restorer and racing team, and Aircare is very pleased to offer support to BDS and other local sports and charities.

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Panasonic air conditioning and heat pumps systems fitted with Nanoex™ technology have been independently tested and proven to inhibit 99.7 to 99.9% of air borne SARS / Coronavirus, to see the Panasonic press release 31st July 2020 please click here.

This technology is now being factory fitted to all Panasonic hi-wall, cassette, console and ducted air conditioning / heat pump systems, and in the coming months Aircare shall be installing these systems in our offices as part of our own re-fit programme.

Due to a high worldwide demand for this technology delivery times can vary, however we can advise on an individual basis.

Aircare can retrofit Nanoex™ technology on existing Aircare installations using Panasonic in-ceiling cassette systems, again we can advise suitability and availability on an individual basis.

Aircare is also continuing to provide deep cleaning and sterilisation of existing HVAC systems and equipment, office sterilisation using the Microbe Shield Surface Protection System, and heat recovery full fresh air ventilation systems.

posted by | Comments Off on Aircare Services Resumes Normal Operation and Covid HVAC Guidance

As of Monday 22/06/20 our offices reopened with plans in place for all staff to return to work by early July.

Please find below information and guidance provided by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for all users of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment including advice and “do’s and don’t’s”.

Plaease click on the below image to be directed to the document.

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Over the past two months Aircare have been operating at reduced capacity and supporting various organisations in the fight against the COVID19 epidemic.  From June 2020 Aircare shall be slowly gearing-up capacity with a view to full capacity and working in “the new normal” by end August 2020.

Going forward there will be significant challenges ahead in both new working practices and a new financial climate, however Aircare  have short and long term strategic plans in place to deal with both and will resume providing our existing services, and a new range of covid19 reduction and prevention services.

Throughout June maintenance, FM and installation works shall recommence on all sites following current NHS / Government guidelines, our environmental engineering consultants and engineering team will be able to provide advice to clients and customers with any HVAC specific concerns they may have.

We sincerely thank all of our clients, customers and suppliers for their assistance and patience during these extremely difficult times.

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During this corona crisis Aircare are giving priority to pharmaceutical / medical sites and critical manufacturers, we are still responding to emergencies for all contract clients however there may be delays and we thank all of our clients and customers for their understanding during this difficult time. 

The images below show the rapid progress of a micro-lab currently under construction via Aircare for a large pharmaceutical site, and we shall be installing mains services to the temporary offices and admin being delivered next week. 

During this pandemic Aircare are ensuring that stringent safety procedures are being adhered to on all sites / premises, and again we would like to thank all of our clients for their help and cooperation.

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Following our post 20th March 2020 we are updating and advising all of our customers and clients that we are limiting our services to the following clients and sites:-

  • The NHS, Hospitals, Health Centres & Supports Services.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Distributors.
  • Food Production Sites & Distribution.
  • Logistics and Transport.

Any customer or client that provides other critical and/or support services shall also be included for emergencies or breakdowns.  Aircare will be following NHS and Government separation and “Stay-Safe” guidelines on all sites and we shall work with our clients to ensure the safety of our and your employees on a travel and pre-work risk assessment basis.

We have closed our offices to all visitors and non-essential staff, our office shall be manned via a skeleton staff on an alternate day basis.  Our accounts department is closed however payments are being processed via home-working.

Should you require any of our services then please contact our office on 0191 261 1144.

Aircare shall be updating our website news as the situation changes, we would like to thank all of our clients and customers for their understanding and assistance during this crisis.

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Over the past several days many clients and customers have asked our advice concerning the effect the Corona virus may have with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Aircare is of the opinion that a well maintained HVAC system should help capture contaminated airborne particles within the filtration systems incorporated in most systems, however no HVAC system (with the exception of specialist medical & pharmaceutical systems) can be considered the major defence against any airborne virus.

During routine maintenance visits Aircare engineers treat air conditioning systems with anti-bacterial chemicals and tablets, again this should help reduce the risk of contamination.

As the UK and many other countries “enter the unknown” with the far reaching implications of this virus, we have taken the precaution of closing our offices to visitors, cancelling all non-urgent meetings, site visits and surveys.  We are following guidelines provided via the government and NHS medical advisors, and at time of writing Aircare is operating as normal, however this shall most likely change day on day as advice and government guidelines change.

Going forward Aircare shall remain operational regardless and has been appointed as a critical service provider for pharmaceutical and medical sites.  We cannot speculate on the overall long term implications this virus will bring other than Aircare is a strong company and will manage the situation on a day by day basis as necessary.

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“Thanks to the team, very efficient, unobtrusive installation”.

posted by | Comments Off on Aircare Services Celebrating 30 Years of Engineering Excellence 1990 to 2020

This year Aircare is celebrating thirty years as a provider of high quality engineering solutions and services.

Over the past thirty years Aircare has diversified and extended the services we provide to include consultancy & design, mechanical & electrical services, air conditioning & heating, heat pumps, refrigeration, ventilation, natural & lpg gas plant, biomass, environmental engineering, facilities & project management, health & safety management, and all associated critical and non-critical building services.

Aircare’s management team is currently preparing for the “environmental revolution” that will see unprecedented changes in the very near future, this drive to combat climate change and environmentally damaging products and waste is going to present significant challenges to all industries, however Aircare will again be ahead of the game and ready for the next thirty+ years.

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