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Throughout October Aircare commenced with the replacement of the HVAC systems in our offices using Panasonic hyper energy efficient heat pump systems incorporating the Nanoex™ corona virus inhibiting system.

Panasonic has been developing this Nanoex™ airborne virus elimination system over the past several years, and over the past several months they intensified their development for the corona / covid virus.  Panasonic equipment was independently tested and certified during July this year and achieved a 99.7% to 99.9% Inhibition rate for SARS-CoV2 Virus – for the Panasonic press release 31st July 2020 please click here.

Over the past two months Aircare have installed Panasonic Nanoex™ systems for various clients and have received initial positive feedback.  The Nanoex™ system is now available on most Panasonic residential, commercial and light industrial equipment including hi-walls, cassettes, consoles, ducted units and under ceiling units.

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