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Panasonic air conditioning and heat pumps systems fitted with Nanoex™ technology have been independently tested and proven to inhibit 99.7 to 99.9% of air borne SARS / Coronavirus, to see the Panasonic press release 31st July 2020 please click here.

This technology is now being factory fitted to all Panasonic hi-wall, cassette, console and ducted air conditioning / heat pump systems, and in the coming months Aircare shall be installing these systems in our offices as part of our own re-fit programme.

Due to a high worldwide demand for this technology delivery times can vary, however we can advise on an individual basis.

Aircare can retrofit Nanoex™ technology on existing Aircare installations using Panasonic in-ceiling cassette systems, again we can advise suitability and availability on an individual basis.

Aircare is also continuing to provide deep cleaning and sterilisation of existing HVAC systems and equipment, office sterilisation using the Microbe Shield Surface Protection System, and heat recovery full fresh air ventilation systems.

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