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Environmental issues are now becoming regular headline news and every industry should now be taking steps to tackle the potential implications we could all face in the future.

For over the past decade Aircare have been supplying heat pump equipment energy rated A/A, A+/A+ (or better) minimising energy use and emissions, however even though the refrigerants available are environmentally friendly they still have a GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Aircare is now offering clients the option of using natural refrigerants including R32 based on methane, this refrigerant is not environmentally damaging and has a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential).  Over the past few months Aircare have installed many systems using R32 with no problems encountered and positive client feedback.

CO2 (R744 ) will soon be offered as an option on industrial plant, this natural refrigerant which is pure carbon dioxide has zero effect on the environment with an insignificant GWP of 1.

R744 operates at extremely high pressures and is unlike any refrigerant commonly used in the HVACR industry although CO2/R744 has been around for over a century.  To ensure Aircare is ready for the “natural refrigerant revolution” our Consultant Engineers are attending CO2/R744 technical training courses this month, this will ensure Aircare remains “ahead of the game” and we can offer clients environmentally engineered solutions at the design stage.

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