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Brexit Update


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With little over one month to the deadline it certainly appears there is a stalemate situation with UK/Europe negotiations, and differing opinions with no definitive agreement between the UK’s main political parties.  This means a “no deal” Brexit is a high possibility, or a Brexit delay with more unwanted uncertainty, or put bluntly two wasted years of arguing and incompetence from both sides (UK and EU including all of the UK’s political parties) with next to nothing achieved at the eleventh hour and UK/EU businesses simply expected to battle through.

Again many customers and clients have asked what the implications are of a “no deal” and what effect this may have on the services Aircare provide, the plant and equipment Aircare supply and current legislation. 

Brexit, regardless of the final outcome, will have zero effect on the services Aircare provide and our main plant and equipment suppliers (manufacturing in the UK and Asia) have confirmed Brexit with have little adverse effect.  However all of this makes the assumption there will be no or minimal border disruption for the import of components and spare parts.  Unfortunately this looks like a “wait and see” scenario with probable short term emergency measures put in place to ensure the undisrupted flow of goods with minimal delays.

Aircare also considers there will be no immediate or short term changes with current legislation concerning CE marking, plant/building regulation, ISO, plant/equipment standards, F-Gas, Gas-Safe, Health & Safety etc., the current status quo must remain in place as, put simply, there is nothing to replace it with at time of writing.

Aircare can assure all our customers and clients that “we are ready” for whatever outcome and will continue to provide service as normal, should we encounter problems with components sourced from the EU we will work to find alternate solutions.  We will update our clients and customers as necessary as the Brexit process unwinds.

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