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Brexit Planning


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Whether you’re for or against the odds are its going to happen March next year with or without a Brexit deal.  Many clients and customers have asked what effect this may have on the services that Aircare provide concerning equipment and parts availability, supply chain, legislation, etc.

Following informal discussions with our supply partners the general census of opinion is “nothing major to worry about, business as usual regardless”, many consider that Brexit will have a positive effect long term.

Assuming a “no deal” short term possible delivery and customs delays may be encountered for component parts however with most of our HVAC equipment from suppliers based in the UK, Asia and the US Brexit will have no or little impact whatever the final outcome may be, and our supply partners are making the necessary arrangements with their supply chains to minimise any potential disruption.

Their shall almost certainly be a transition period with potential problems, this may last for days, weeks or months, however Aircare shall be increasing stock levels over the next 6 months to counteract this and we shall be planning to ensure Aircare is ready for every eventuality, this shall ensure our customers and clients continue to receive “service as normal” with no or little disruption.

With regards to legislation we anticipate the current “Status Quo” shall remain in place for the next few years, this will be slowly amended or changed depending on the final outcome.  Again in our opinion “nothing to worry about”.

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