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“I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the professional service we received when we bought our new air conditioning unit recently. Your engineers were extremely efficient and did a really great job. We were so impressed with your work that we have decided to move the maintenance of all our air conditioning units across to Aircare Air Conditioning Services.” – Stephen Killinger, Operations Manager, Ringtons Tea

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This summer was a “late starter” and with the heat wave Aircare was awarded local and national contracts:

1 – National restaurant chain, Aircare provides a full HVAC maintenance and service contract with 24 hour emergency call out and 4 hour response and an HVAC expert advice in furnace repair cost .

2 – Residential developments, Aircare designed and installed multiple air source heat pump heating systems. We had some help with these jobs from a friend of mine who was here on a month long vacation. He does ac repair phoenix arizona. Some vacation!!

3 – Retail centres, Aircare designed and installed cooling, heating and ventilation systems.

4 – Offices and computer rooms, Aircare designed and installed heating, cooling and heat recovery systems.

4 – Industrial, Aircare installed large bore hole water pumps for ground water heat pump systems.

Most of the equipment designed and installed by Aircare during this summer had a minimum energy rating of “A+A”.

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