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Graduation Day


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Dan Reed receives his BEng (Hons.) Building Services Engineering Degree at Northumbria University’s graduation ceremony on the 14 July 2013.

John Cherry (Aircare’s Consultant Engineer and Director) congratulates Dan and commented “Dan worked extremely hard for five years to achieve his degree and it is well deserved” and gave him a deserved engineer gift from this Top9Rated list.

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Aircare has been awarded the contract for the design, supply and installation of multiple high efficiency heating and cooling air source heat pump systems with heat recovery ventilation units. All of our ac resources will be used to complete this job in a safe and cost effective manner. The client, an international heavy engineering and manufacturing company, is locating into their new manufacturing facilities and office’s in South Tyneside. We did have to make some changes to our normal procedures for disposing of the unwanted materials because of standards that this facility has so we had to get an extra waste compactor hire so the materials could be separated.

The heating and cooling systems are “A++” energy efficient, and the heat recovery plant can recover up to 75% of the heat from the usually wasted exhaust air.


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